Tim Hepburn- Transparency, Accountability, Civic Involvement


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Nicholas Rodelo

Copy Editor

Tim Hepburn is the definition of a man who is deeply invested in his community. After 35 years of living in and improving the community as a family man, business owner, and a city councilman, Tim has decided to run for mayor against 8 year incumbent Mayor Don Kendrick.

As he walked into Starbucks to meet with me for our interview, his level of involvement in the community was immediately apparent. Before he could walk over to the table I had saved, he was barraged by greetings from multiple people in Starbucks, and he responded to each one sincerely before joining me for our interview.

This was no small coincidence; it is directly reflected in the vision that Hepburn has for La Verne should he be elected mayor.

When I asked him what his priorities are, Hepburn stated, “Residents, residents, residents, involvement, that is what is really important. I think the biggest point of my candidacy is that I want more resident involvement, the more people we can get involved [the better]… We had a Marshall Canyon issue where Marshall Canyon was going to be swapped with Sierra La Verne, and the residents didn’t want it… I talked to them and… made a motion that the council did agree with, and with the residents support, stopped that.”

Mr. Hepburn’s plans for the community do not stop there. The most telling moment of my interview of Hepburn was when I asked Hepburn where he and Mayor Kendrick really differ on the issues, where voters can see the clear differences in their choice for the future of our city:

“I think one of the biggest issues [where I differ from Mayor Kendrick] is the financial stability of our city…  the other big one is also involving our residents so that they have a voice, more committees… I’m open, I have no political affiliation with any older administration, I’m looking to the new beginning of a city that has great…residents that want to get involved, they just don’t know how, and they think that…  they don’t need to come to meetings, and that is far from the truth.”

Tim Hepburn has lived most of his life in, and dedicated his life to, La Verne. From his life as a resident, to his time as a city councilman, to his current run for mayor, Hepburn truly has the best interests of the city at heart and will continue to for many years to come.

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