Don Kendrick For Mayor

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Makaria Yami

Editor in Chief

After being Mayor for eight years, Kendrick has used his deep understanding of La Verne’s history and his dedication to the city to bring improvements to La Verne, something he has always strived to do throughout his years of service to La Verne.

His time in La Verne has not only taught him about the inner workings of La Verne, but has also given him a sense of how the town can be improved and how it will progress in the future.

He says, “A lot of the decisions that have been made, I understand why you need to make them. You can’t plan for the future if you don’t know your history”

Kendrick not only seeks to preserve La Verne’s history, but to teach others about it. He was responsible for founding Hands on History, a program dedicated to teaching schoolchildren about where they come from.

His values on education go hand in hand with his love of La Verne, he believes , “La Verne is a different city. We have our own city police department, our own fire department, so we can control the safety of the residents in this city, better than anyone else.”

If given the ability to maintain his position as La Verne’s mayor, Kendrick will make sure that La Verne does not hire workers outside the city to maintain programs, which he has been able to do during his eight years as mayor.

While serving his city, Kendrick has ensured that businesses downtown are booming, stating that, “the relationships we have with the businesses downtown, the relationships on foothill boulevard, where we have a 6% vacancy rate. That’s unheard of. Our restaurant sales alone have gone for 3.8 million to 8.1 million. That’s twice as much in restaurant sales.”

Although La Verne was hurt by the recession, Kendrick was dedicated to ensuring the financial prosperity of La Verne. Being raised in La Verne and creating his own business in the town has given Kendrick an extensive understanding of how the city functions and how to attend to its financial needs.

Although Kendrick has propelled La Verne into success, he hopes to continue to guide the city into the future, while maintaining the city’s rich history.


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