Bearcats Divided: Angels or Dodgers?

Nick Lyons

Staff Writer

Just a few short months after the Chicago Cubs ended their drought of not winning a World Series ring in over 108 long and painful years of losing, the focus quickly turned toward February 14th, 2017. That day was the first official report of players to spring workouts, which is the report of pitchers and catchers.

Here in sunny Southern California there is a constant debate as to who is better, the Dodgers or the Angels. This is often the cause of many arguments between the fans of the two teams, and with the two teams and all other 28 teams having fully reported to spring training, let’s gather some opinions on the upcoming season for both teams.

Junior Jared Serrano, who has been a fan of the Dodgers for as long as he can remember said, “I am most excited about seeing my favorite sport come back into season and to see my favorite players return and start playing some baseball again. My favorite player on this years team is Corey Seager because he had an amazing rookie year and I hope to see him get even better. I like the Dodgers so much because they are always a competitive team throughout each year and season and they have always been my favorite team.”

Junior Kameron Martin, a Dodgers fan since a young age said, “This spring training I am very excited to see the development of the Dodgers farm system. They have a potential rookie of the year candidate in Julio Urias and a top prospect in Cody Bellinger. My favorite player is Clayton Kershaw because of how dominant he has been since he entered the league. I started going to games when I was four years old and fell in love with the culture of the team and listening to Vin Scully on T.V.”

Over the past couple of seasons the Dodgers have had a little bit more luck in terms of winning games, but that has not left any fans discouraged for the upcoming season.

Junior Jacob Villegas, a long time fan and season ticket holder said, “I am excited to see how the team will be in this upcoming season like if we are maybe going to go to the playoffs of the world series. The angels made great moves this offseason, I feel like they filled the spots that they needed to fill and glad that they did that because it is time to get a championship back to Anaheim. My favorite player on the team is Mike Trout. The way that he gives back to the community and how hard he works is just an inspiration to me and every young fan in the country. I love the Angels because the stadium is just like a second home to me. I remember when I was little whenever my dad told me about an Angels game I would run to get my jersey and be ready to leave. I also love the atmosphere there, it is so welcoming.”

All this excitement and waiting will be over on Saturday February 25 when both the Angels and Dodgers open play in Spring Training.

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