The Positivity Behind Best Buddies

Raina Soteros

Staff Writer

The Best Buddies club is a safe place for students to create friendships with other students who have mental disabilities. This club emits a positive energy and allows student to spend time with genuine and kind students. However, to some students Best Buddies is more than just a club.

Best Buddies meets every Tuesday in room 607. Most of their club meetings are spent doing crafts, playing basketball, or other fun games such as bingo or pictionary. The Best Buddies students’ faces light up when other student walk in to play with them.

Senior and Best Buddies Student Wilson Harrera, stated, “Basketball is my favorite because it is so fun and I like playing with my friends.”

For the  Best Buddies students, Tuesdays are special because it means they will be able to spend their lunch participating in different activities with all of their friends from around school. But the Best Buddies Students aren’t the only ones that look forward to weekly meetings.

Freshman Natalie Nachreiner stated,  “I would never miss a meeting for the world. Tuesdays used to be just normal days, but now I get so excited because I get to go be with the kids during my lunch.”

Samantha Gonzalez (12), the Best Buddies club president, along with Nachreiner, want to be special needs teachers in their future. Being apart of this club means so much to them because they get be be around amazing kids, while getting exposure to the career field of their choice.

Gonzalez stated, “When I grow up want to be a special education teacher, and being involved with these amazing kids is getting me involved in what I need to do in the future.”

The Best Buddies kids are  welcoming to all students and comforting to each other. For example, last week the kids played bingo and were so supportive and happy for one another when someone else won, showing just how loving and nurturing the environment in the Best Buddies club is. Nachreiner stated, “The kids are so sincere and so sweet. They really care about everyone who steps foot in that room.”

Students love the Best Buddies kids’ positive attitude because it teaches them to stay happy too. The Best Buddies students have daily struggles and still manage to encourage one another and stay positive.  While attending the club there are so many opportunities to learn something new.

Gonzalez stated, “They have taught me to not always care what other people think of me, and I think that is such an important trait to carry with you. These kids do what they love and don’t care what other people think. They are just so positive and happy to go to school here.”

The Best Buddies kids are genuine, kind, and caring. Students, along with the Best Buddies students, come out of the meetings eager to see what next week’s’ activities will be. It is obvious that the Best Buddies students will never fail to put a smile on your face and truly be an amazing Best Friend!


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